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“These deeply human stories are stirring and startling and incredibly relevant…” –The US Review of Books for Girl, World

“Timely, honest, and deeply literary, these stories are deceptively addicting…The writing is often subdued but with stunning metaphors that expose the deeper subtext which lingers long after reading.” –Eric Hoffer Awards for Girl, World

“…Poppe’s writing is brisk, raw and unflinching.” –Booklist for Moxie

“It is a voice that begs to be read out loud, every shout, whisper and exclamation in equal measure.” American Book Review for Moxie

“If you read only one story about the Iraq War, it should be “Jinwar,” which presents a multifaceted view of the impacts it has on the various participants…Poppe’s impressive collection can comfortably share shelf space with other stellar works of fiction by women about the wars in the Middle East” –Read Her Like An Open Book for Jinwar and Other Stories

“One of Poppe’s literary strengths is her ability to convey connection and emotion in unexpected moments. Even the trepidation that ultimately arises as the stories progress is not enough to shield the reader from yet another harrowing story, almost as if the warnings conveyed are not warnings enough. ” – Ramona Wadi, The Middle East Monitor for Jinwar and Other Stories

“ Poppe’s finest gift, indeed, is her ability to wrangle the most out of language. The writing provides an unending stream of pretty sentences, keen observations and precise word choices. It’s impossible to substitute language for matters of the body, but Poppe comes awful close.” – Donald G. Evans, New City Lit for Duende

“Poppe is a gifted storyteller – her prose is rich and lyrical, passionate and sensual. With vivid descriptions of flamenco and Seville, this novella is a beautiful homage to this unique artform and the place where it originated.” – The Readers’ Choice Book Awards for Duende

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