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“Girl, World and Sex Trafficking” — WBEZ Chicago Radio

“‘Moxie’ author Alex Poppe: “I feel like fiction should represent accurately the world we live in” — WGN RadioMoxie

“Why we should be paying close attention to the youth-led protests happening in Iraq right now” —WGN Radio

PFG Daiy with Justin Kaufmann

“At times, we’re all unlikable and the people who stand by us when we’re assholes are the people who really love us. It’s comforting to be reminded that they exist, and that we can be imperfect and still lovable.” —The Rumpus

“Pulsing with Music” —American Book Review

“Underneath her girl smell is the scent of independence blossoming.” The U.S. Review of Books

“Poppe has a deft hand with crude language and body horror and twists these moments into graceful linguistic play, an ability that’s revealed in Jax’s early, self-negating description.” —The Massachusetts Review for Moxie

“By putting her protagonists in situations outside of commonly publicized expectation, Poppe succeeds where western feminism has traditionally fallen short. She depicts the varieties of potential female experience, dismantling the “everyday” to instead build new narratives of what “normal” can mean.” —The Massachusetts Review for Girl, World

“One Wild and Joyful Ride: Alex Poppe on her new novel, MOXIE” —The Matador Review

“The Pearl Necklace: A Conversation with Alex Poppe” —The Matador Review Girl, World

Hypertext Magazine asked Alex Poppe, author of Moxie, “Would Jax be the lover or the beloved?”” —Hypertext Magazine

The Other Stories – podcast

“The young women sparking through these pages are surprising, funny and devastating: the essence of being a woman.” —35 Over 35

“IF MY BOOK: Girl, World by Alex Poppe” —MONKEYBICYCLE

“In MOXIE, a NYC model with a bad attitude attempts to rebuild her life after a disfiguring attack” —Read Her Like an Open Book

“A brilliantly engaging, eyebrow raising read…..a must read. —The Bookwormery

“Moxie is a heartbreakingly honest and raw story that is written in a unique, slightly chaotic narrative that perfectly reflects Jax’s state of mind. ” —Fraser’s Fun House

“Girl, World: An Interview with Alex Poppe” —Traveling with a View